Antenatal / Postnatal Check

Antenatal Care

The Antenatal period is the time from conception to delivery of the baby. Antenatal care is the care provided by a healthcare professional during your pregnancy. As soon as you know you are pregnant, it is a good idea to see one of our doctors. At this visit, the doctor will do a general check and give you information about the frequency of antenatal checks, blood tests and scans. They will also talk about lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol or drug use that may affect your health and your baby’s health. You can also use the time to raise any questions you may have. If your pregnancy is of a low risk then your doctor may refer you to our midwives through the SARKON midwife care clinic. Click here for more Info  Midwife Clinic

6 Week Postnatal Checkup

Postnatal is the period of time after childbirth. At your six week postnatal check, both the mother and baby will be examined. At this visit you will be asked questions about your recovery from delivery and general wellbeing. You will have a general Checkup including a physical examination. There will also be a discussion about contraception. The doctor will do the 6 week check for your baby, including an examination and weighing, as well as measuring their head circumference. In the meantime, the nurse will prepare and then administer the 6-week immunisation.