Pre-Employment Medicals

Work cover Consultations in Albury and Culcairn

If you or one of your employees has suffered a work-related injury, you will need an experienced and thorough GP to assess the patient and produce a WorkCover certificate of capacity.

 Additionally, the patient may need ongoing injury management. In our experience, both patients and businesses are more satisfied and benefitted if the patient can return to work in some capacity sooner rather than later.

A WorkCover certificate of capacity outlines the duties that the injured party can or cannot perform at work, as well as anything that can aid in the recovery. 

This certificate is also required to communicate the WorkCover case with the worker’s insurer, employer, and other health professionals involved. Your Sarkon doctor is also able to assist if your injury has had an effect on your emotional wellbeing, in conjunction with a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

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